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Ofer Monar, Ph.D.

UX Desinger | Cognitive Psychologist

About Me

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As a human factors expert I am extremely passionate about delivering innovative user experience driven interfaces.

I thrive when faced with challenges and take joy in solving them. I enjoy exploring new fields of knowledge and I specialize in complex systems. 

I have worked with large and small corporations including military, medical, financial, and commercial, always delivering UI and UX designs from research to detailed design. I am fully aware of product life cycle and I am fully capable of conducting user profiling, user task analysis, wire-framing, heuristics evaluation, prototype design, detailed design, mock-ups, and usability testing.

As a cognitive psychologist I have profound understanding and knowledge of cognitive processes such as attention, visual perception, memory, visual coding, decision making and more. These  cognitive processes  bare high relevance to UCD (User Centered Design). 

I also posses extensive knowledge of human needs and behavior.

I consider myself a professional UX expert with the soul of an artist and the curiosity of a scientist.

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